A Church is a Ministry

It is easy sometimes to think of a church as something that it is not. It is easy to think of a church as a building, a group of people, or even an institution. These things are all true to a certain degree, but at the end of the day, a church is a ministry.


Faith Covenant Church is a ministry to the tri-city region of Hutchinson county, the Texas panhandle, and the world. As a ministry, our first and greatest responsibility is to reach out a hand of grace to the poor, the hurting, the confused, the discouraged, and the broken.


At FCC, we see ourselves as missionaries to the world at our doorstep. We do all we can to meet the needs of the different groups in our corner of the world. Whether it is children, students, women, or men, we ask the Lord to strengthen our hands to serve

these groups and bring the love of God into their lives.


Our Ministry Areas

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Men's Ministry

Women's Ministry



Thanks Living - FCC November Sermon Series





9:00 - Sunday School

10:15 - Worship & Main Service


6:00p - Catalyst

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