EVOLVE Volunteer Sign-Up

What is EVOLVE?

EVOLVE weekend is one of our greatest outreach tools for students. We have a chance to reach many students we don’t see very often or who we have never seen before. Students will be challenged to grow their faith over the weekend as well as develop a better community with their friends through worship service, small groups, service projects, and spending a fun weekend together.


For this weekend to be successful in reaching the number of students that we do, it will take our entire church to make it happen. We are so excited to see what is going to happen in the lives of everyone involved this weekend, and want to encourage you to be a part of making this the best we can for our students.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Host Home – Host a group of students in your home for the Evolve Weekend (Friday night through Sunday morning). Provide floor space to sleep on and meeting space for groups to meet. Help provide transportation to and from locations if available.
  • Service Project Planner – Plan a service project for a group of students on Saturday. These projects are aimed at serving our city. If you neighbor needs help with something fixed, cleaned up, painted, take a group of students and go do it.
  • Service Project Leader – Lead a group of students on Saturday in a service project.
  • Transportation – Help provide transportation to and from event locations. (Church, host home, service events, recreation)
  • Meals – Set up and serve meals during the weekend and/or providing food.
  • Audio/Video – Assist in the audio and video elements for each of the worship services during the weekend.
  • Photo/Video – Be present to take photos and videos of the weekend to share on social media and with the church.
  • Support – Be present and available at different events to help with any random issues that may occur and develop relationships with the students.

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9:00 - Sunday School

10:15 - Worship & Main Service


6:00p - Catalyst

6:30p - FCC Kids