Our Values

Values are the motivations and drive behind a community's actions that are driven by their beliefs.

  • The teaching of the Bible is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of the church. The clear teaching of the Bible is the only true catalyst for lasting life change (I Peter 1.23-25). The Scriptures are alive (Hebrews 4.12) and powerful (I Thessalonians 2.13). Therefore, when a person hears the clear teaching of Scripture in the community of God’s people there will be an encounter with God.
  • Community is essential to church life because it is a reflection of the tri-dimensional (triune) nature of God and changes lives (Acts 4.32-35). Spiritual maturity can only be achieved in community with other believers (Acts 2.42-47). This is because truth travels through relationships (Mark 3.14). Therefore, maturity is achieved in community (Romans 13.8-10). The high calling of the church is to be a catalyst for people in all stages of their spiritual lives to build and maintain relationships with believers (Ephesians 4.1-15).
  • Spiritual growth must occur in balance. It is our conviction that in order for a disciple to develop in a balanced fashion that the believer must be connected to the body of Christ in a relational small group, be actively engaged in the study of God's Word in community, and be using their gifts, resources, talents, and energy in service. Serving others in love (as opposed to the memorization of large quantities of Scriptural and doctrinal knowledge) is the surest sign of spiritual maturity.
  • Investing in and teaching the truth of God's Word to the next generations of children and youth is one of the key missions and responsibilities of God's people (Deuteronomy 11.18-21). As a church, we will always devote much of our resources to ministry to children and students. Faith Covenant Church will strive to send its young people out into the world ready and eager to engage the culture with the Gospel in a competent way.
  • Music is critical to the life of the church. The vocal praise of God’s people is a delight to the Lord as well as an opportunity for bringing the unbelieving into an encounter with God (Psalms 40.3). It is good and fitting for God’s people to praise His name and bring Him the glory that He is so due (Psalm 147.1). Vocal praise should engage both the mind and the emotions (John 4.23). To engage one without the other is to risk either dead orthodoxy or empty emotionalism.
  • God’s ultimate aim is for all nations to give him glory and praise (Revelation 7.9-10). God's church has both the opportunity and responsibility to bring the gospel to all nations so that all nations might bring God glory (Isaiah 56). Bringing the Gospel to the nations is the highest and best goal of the local church.
  • Servant leadership is the biblical model of leadership. To serve another person is to be more committed to that person's success in the mission of the church than you are to your own success, comfort, or gain. The leaders of FCC will strive to make those around them successful even at cost to themselves (John 13.1-17).
  • Integrity is essential in all dealings between church leaders and church members. Integrity and the resulting moral authority is gives is the greatest asset of a leader (I Timothy 3.1-7).
  • God’s people should strive for integrity in evangelism. The clear, thoughtful, and prayerful presentation of the gospel message is more than adequate to convert the unbelieving (I Corinthians 2.1-5). When churches rely on clever techniques or clever speech or a compromised gospel message to entice people to “make a decision for Christ” the integrity of the cross is compromised and the power of the cross to convert the sinner is diminished. Churches that want to be evangelistic will strive to be culturally competent while remaining doctrinally pure (I Corinthians 3.1-2 and 9.18-22). The great need of the unbelieving world is truth and transcendence. Churches that provide both will not lack for growth.
  • Everything the church does must be done with excellence because excellence glorifies God and inspires people (Colossians 3.23).



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